In the last two days I was in Juiz de Fora, one of the largest and most developed cities of Minas Gerais. I was invited by the competent photographer Aluízio, who for more than 40 years photographs weddings in that area, to minister a workshop there.

Well, actually I do not believe in happenstance. I had to be there and I will tell you why right below. The story was something like this, I was reading my FACEBOOK messagesm, I had not read them for months, lack of time, and saw a message from Suzana, Aulízio’s contributor. A message from last year, asking if I would have interest in going there. This year I have no more time, but there was a last minute cancellation of my workshop in Vitoria, for lack of sufficient public. IT was then that I decided to send a reply e-mail (delayed) to Aluízio, who agreed at the very minute! He contacted two friends(Ney and Paulinho), also photographers in the region, and in less than 10 days these guys signed up 38 students!
Well, back to the lesson, Aluízio is totally carefull and gracious to his team and people around him. I have never seen in my entire life, such caring and concerned a leader. I went there to minister a workshop, but now I just realized, I actually attended a workshop. So I come back fro juiz de Fora more humane and I certainly will be more kind to those around me.
Thank you Aluízio, everyone who helped in the organization and all participants, who were also very kind to me! I want to return soon. I’ll pull some strings here.

Modelos: Wagner Zambelli e Maria Eduarda Azevedo Salão: Jael Pifano e Equipe Cabelo: Priscila Passos Maquiagem: Marjore Anne Agência: Patricia Alvim Agency


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