Steve Jobs is one of the greatest human beings who have been in our planet, leaving a vast contribution to humanity. This man is primarily responsible for the revolution in the way we, humans beings, communicate. He led a whole masse and in the last decade, especially, he made history. I’ve always been a great admirer of his work, character and legacy. That is why today I felt a deep sadness when I learned of his death. I think like many, I felt a little orphan. Strange saying it, isn’t it? A great leader like him will always be missed. Um great leader is often misunderstood, demanding, visionary, different and tireless. He was so. This was Steve Jobs. I believe that life continues and that guy there, the apple guy, does not stop here. It would be an injustice and a waste of the universe. Now I’m sure he will shine on another stage. Surely he goes back to a place where he is also missed. Thanks Steve!

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