The legend of the Vulture, the Peacock and the Turkey

There is an ancient Japanese tale that goes something like this…

In a plain lived a vulture and a peacock.

One day, reflected the Peacock:

– I am the most beautiful bird in the animal world, I have a lush and colorful plumage, but I can not even fly, so to show my beauty. Happy is the vulture that is free to fly where the wind takes it.

The Vulture, in its turn, also reflected from the top of a tree:
– What an unlucky bird I am, the ugliest of all in the animal kingdom and yet I have to fly and be seen by everyone, I wish being beautiful and sightly, just like that peacock.

That’s when both birds had a brilliant idea and joined to talk about it: if the two of them mated it would be great for both, creating a downward which would fly as the Vulture and be graceful as the peacock.

So they mated… and was born Turkey: WHICH IS FUCKING UGLY AND DO NOT FLY!
Moral of the story

If thins are bad, do not invent! Workaround does not work.

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