The good son returns home!

The good son returns home

Yes, it was about two years ago, here in Funes, on the outskirts of Rosario, Argentina, where I taught my first international workshop. Invited by my today very good friends Mariano and Mauri of, I came to see for myself what was expecting me. It was the first time I left Brazil and the deep inside I felt butterflies in my stomach.

I used to have a certain prejudice about the country and its people, and it changed. I have always been treated as a very important person for them here and today Argentina is the country where I feel most comfortable when I am not in Brazil. People are very friendly here and in less than 8 hours are already preparing me a nice roast. Roast here is for friends and special occasions , by the way.
Everything went well and here I am for the 4th time in two years. I hope this is only the fourth in a long series. Whenever I visit Funes I am filled with good energy and i get back to Brazil inspired to shoot better and of course, teach better.

Workshop sold out, 70 people from throughout Argentina await us tomorrow. Time to work, of course after having a good Malbec with a 100% Argentine meat.

Gracias Mariano, Mauri, Julieta and everyone who support me and always host me so well here!

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