The DJ's Power

Today is reflection day. Here I want to arouse my readers who are getting married about the role of the DJ and their importance in a wedding party. I’ve seen professionals wreck parties bacause of the lack of ability to feel the energy of the guests and to come up to them.Now what stupefied me was a DJ who once told me the following:

– I have to go home earlier tonight. Relax, I will end up with the dance floor and you can go too.

Why me??

I’ve always loved music and so I always stay at parties and have fun with the images on the dance floor. That leaves me questions… Does a DJ has the right to end up earlier with the party? Isn’t the concept of early and late not subjective?

Well, I’d rather not try to answer them and simply point out those DJ’s who end up with the parties later. I know some and below I present one of them, Carlo Dee, a nice guy, who is always ready to finish up the wedding parties later. Much later than usual, by the way. That must be why he is so listed.

To hire him and end up later with your party, just get in touch with him  here and to check out his work, there are 6 soundtracks for download here

(The photos were taken to spread his work)

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