There are some questions that I ask myself constantly. What motivates my work? Why do I photograph people?

Human behavior is something that fascinates me. As a child I was called distracted and “scatty”. All this because of the simple fact of being in a constant state of catharsis watching people. I’m still like this, I sometimes spend hours in airports or public places trying to decipher some individuals, who for some reason catch my attention.

I grew up with this bad impression of myself, until I realized that my “distraction” was not that bad. When I started shooting I saw an opportunity to put on paper, details I noticed of people’s personality. I’m not a psychoanalyst, psychologist or anything like that, but I like to read and interpret the message that the other has for me and for the world. Messages rather visuals than sonorous. Color or the height of the shoe, details of clothing, hairstyle, facial expressions, gestures, looks, gait, tics, sweating, respiratory rate, way of dancing, yawning, sneezing, eyes closed, hurry, fear face, smiles, laughter, laughter, applause, cries, nail polish color, cell phone type, shirt in and classic tie. So people follow, all the time telling me what they are or what they claim to be one day.
It is hard to explain with words what I see. It is more practical to tell it in pictures and try to take the view of those who see them, to reflection. As a photographer I am an interpreter of others. I have the opportunity to show to others a little of those who participate in their lives. If they are parents, relatives, friends or service providers, often revealing nuances never before perceived by them.

To see beyond the ordinary it is necessary to leave the autopilot of life. I must make efforts, lower custody, control my prejudices, move, listen, smell, observe much, smile and often shut up. This is the hardest part, since I am very talkative. Shooting is to make use of the five senses, in fact the six. I do not disregard my intuition. I have learned to use it and I say, it works.

Well, let’s go back to the original question, what really motivates me?

My reward goes far beyond an album of photographs. I recognize myself in those and in what I photograph. The more I click, the more I am centain that this interaction with the ones I photograph is paying off. I learn through what I see of them, I learn to observe myself. I understand better my flaws and qualities. The act of shooting for me is equal to look myself in the mirror. The following is then a little bit of me.

And here the no longer boy, but still very “scatty”, says bye, with a question…

What keeps the flame burning?

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