Work of art

When you were born, God did not cursed
you to be shy, spaced out or confused.

He gave you all the tools
so you could complete His creation.

And wondering about how is it like to creat an artwork
Michelangelo answered:
“Inside the stone already exists an artwork,
I have only to hew away the surplus marble!”

Inside you there is already a beautiful work of art,
the most beautiful in the universe.

Your biggest task is to take the excess marble
and complete it.

We are artistis of our creation!

The greatest truth is that you are the person
you chose to be.

Everyday you decide if you will go on being the way you are
or if you will change. The great glory of the human being is to be able
to make part of this self-creation.

Success is being happy.

Roberto Shinyashiki


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