“Some people just pass by us and we feel happy. Some people feel what we feel and sweetly pass it. Some people live as we live, some people who talk and look us on the face, some people silence and make us look. All those people who live with us, take from us from what we have and starts being within us. A piece of us in someone else. “

Fernando Sabino

(Maria Amélia and Gustavo are people like that, nice people!)

Ceremonial: Artfas / Makeup: Ana Valle / Musicians of the ceremony: Pianíssimo / Party Music (mechanical and live): Happy Feet Jazz Band, Zé da Guiomar, Yuga / Invitations: Wedding Design/ Decorating: Patrícia Andrade / Bouquet: Marina Lamêgo / BRIDE Costume (and ladies): Danielle Benício – Earrings: family – Hair: Avivar – Buffet: Bouquet Garni / Sweets: Confiserie du Chocolat / Bem casados: Eduarda Ballesteros / Cake: Elisa Castro / little bride and groom: Lladro / Bartender: Mixing Bar /Film: Daniel Maia / Securities: Victory / Location of ceremony: Church N. S. Carmo / Celebrant: Bishop José Luís Majella


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