Smile, tell me here the dictionary, is the act of smiling. And to smile is to laugh without making noise and running twitching of the mouth and eyes.

The smile, my friends, is much more than these poor definitions, and I was amazed to imagine the author of the dictionary in the act of writing this entry, so cold, as if he has never smiled in his life. By that we see the extention of how what people make may differ from what they say. Fall in full reverie and I start dreaming of a dictionary that gives precisely, exactly, the meaning of words and turns into awire-plumb the network that, in every day practice, involve us.

There no are two equal smiles. We have the mocking smile, the superior smile and its opposite humble, the one of tenderness, the one skepticism, the bitter and the ironic ones, the smile of hope, of condescension, the one of wonder, of embarrassment, and (why not?) the one of who dies. And there are many more. But none of them is the Smiling.
The Smile (this one, with capital letters) is always from a distance. It is the manifestation of a deep wisdom, it has nothing to do with muscle contractions and it fits not a dictionary definition. It begins by a slight move of face, sometimes hesitant, for a thrill that comes within the most secret layers of being. If it moves muscles, it is because it has no way to express itself. But does it not? We do not know smiles which are quick flashes, such as a sudden and inexplicable brilliance, which give us the fishes in deep waters? When the sunlight goes over the fields, through in the wind and cloud, which was earth moving? And yet it was a smile.

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