Eu e alguns colegas recebemos os dois emails abaixo. Trata-se de um golpe. portanto muito cuidado. Não sei ao certo como eles vão nos enganar mas com certeza irão. O email fala de um grupo de 1o russos que virão ao Brasil e que precisam de um fotógrafo durante 10 dias, 3 horas por dia. Não fornecem nenhum detalhe mas o interessante é que eu respondi ao primeiro email solicitando mais informações e ele me agradeceu dizendo que existe mais uma pessoa na jogada que é o tradutor. Além disso ele já colocou o valor de 7500 libras como se eu tivesse passado o orçamento. Eu ainda nem havia falado de preço. Acho que aí começa o golpe!. Muito cuidado com isso. Há gente desonesta em todo o mundo. Não passem seus dados pessoais e nem os da empresa de vocês. Abaixo vou copiar os dois emails para aqueles que ainda não receberam fiquem cientes.
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Primeiro email

> 2009/8/13 JIMMY CENA <[email protected]>

I have a group of people coming to your town for a tour and i want you to cover this tour based on your expertise in the feild of photography. They are 10 in number (5 RUSSIAN COUPLES) and the period of work is 3hrs every day on their outings, they will also take you in their vehicle so all  i need is for you to confirm the availability of you to cover this event for 10days.

Date of tour :1st of November to the 10th of November, 2009
Number of Persons: 10

Kindly get back to me with the availability and i will send you my credit card for an upfront deposit.Note you will print all the photos, master CD of
the video will be collected and your balance will be paid after checking at the end of the tour.


Minha resposta

On 8/13/09, Vinicius Matos wrote:
Hi Jimmy,

I just want to double check some aspects of this job. I`ll be covering 2weddings in Argentina so I can send one of my partners.>
1. What kind of outings are these. Is this a vacation or a commercial trip?
2. Do they speak English? Are they going to have a guide?
3. I understand that we`ll be required 3 hours/day. What time would be that every day?
4. How many prints will you need? What size? I need an average ok?
5. Will it be in Belo Horizonte?
I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

A resposta dele

Good day,

Thanks for your reply,. I am glad to tell you that of your offer are
acceptable by My Friends and such, i am willing to make a deposit
payment immediately. Due to there acceptance of your offer, I have
concluded payment with them also.

I have been instructed to pay you for your services and provision of a
language translator whom would be able to translate every word to them
because they are Russians and do not speak your local language and
also provide every transport logistics to include flight, hulage etc.I
have arranged this with a linguist who is willing to undertake these
responsibilities on their behalf. He would be with them throughout
their stay in your country.I will send you my credit card details once
I receive your confirmation email so that you would charge as
agreed/authorized by my Friends.

However upon the receipt of my credit card, confirm you will charge a
total of 7500pounds which is for your deposit of 1000pounds which will
an  advance payment and transfer the balance of 6500pounds to the
Translator who will also take care of their travel logistics like
insurance,ticketing etc. I really need you to make the charges for the
Translator as she does not have a POS machines to process her charge
and such all money for the tour has been credited to a credit card.So
kindly Confirm this and provide me with the following Information:

Your Company full name/address
Name of the Manager/Owner
Telephone and fax numbers
Looking forward to your reply.

All checks and balances shall be done with the group leader on the
final day after counting the snap shots and other things .

Please be advised that we shall pay for all expenses and fees incurred
as a result of the entire amount to be charged.
Jimmy Cena

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