Hello everyone, given the many requests and e-mails here is a list of my upcoming workshops with subject, location and dates. For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected] , or call “Escola de Imagem” +55 31 3264-6262

Directing Workshop – Rio de Janeiro – September 12th and 13th

Creativity and Composition Workshop – Belo Horizonte – September 26th to 29th

Directing Workshop – Vitória – October 3rd and 4th

Workshop of the View – Paraty – November 20th to 25th 

Directing Workshop – Campo Grande – November (to be confirmed)

Wedding Photography Worshop (Marketing, sales and LED lighting) – Belo Horizonte – November 28th to Dezember 1st



Here are some photos I took yesterday at the Lighting Workshop held in Belo Horizonte.