During four years I was part, with great pride, of the project Wedding Brazil. I had lectures in the four editions and was a consultant responsible for the choice of the lecturers and making the teaching grade of the event event.

I’m happy because my experience and contacts within and outside the country helped raise the level of the event and consequently the wedding photography in Brazil.

My many thanks to Editora Photos, because I have learned and grown a lot from then to now. It was marked as an important stage of my career. My special thanks to you who attended the event always showing trust in my work as a lecturer and consultant.

I follow feeling useful and responsible for the strengthening of the class to which I belong: Professional Photographers! 

New times, new projects and big flights have already been lifted.This year I have already created three “never seen” projects in the country. All organized by myself and my team at the Escola de Imagem.

Photo Elite: the world’s wedding photography elite will be in our country!

Video Elite: the world’s wedding video elite will also come. It is the first event 100% focused on wedding video. 

Photo Family: The first event for family, children, pregnant women and newborns photographers

All three events for only a few participants, investing some of my chips in  MORE INFORMATION AND LESS STUDENTS.

INNOVATION is our compass and as the poet says, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!”

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