Who has been watching me in recent years knows how much I have traveled. In fact, I love traveling and I am always pleased to learning about new cultures, places and people and it is certain that photography has allowed me to do it through workshops and weddings that take place in different parts of Brazil and the world.
It’s time to slow down. I need to spend more time at home, see friends, stay with family and take more care of myself. During the last 4 years there were more than 80 workshops, lectures, and presentations. It does not even crosses my mind to stop teaching workshops. I just felt it was time to stop and breathe and  initiate a new cycle in my career. So I decided earlier this year to stop and reshape my workshops, I will work on other worthy causes, such as the Coaching, which many have already heard of.
As I am experiencing so many good things happening in my life, I ripen and develop new ideas. One of them I would like to present here, the apple of my eye, my new 5-days workshop!
In 2013 I will teach only a few workshops, will travel less the country with my workshops, since they will be longer, lasting 5 days. That’s right, I created a 5-days workshop which holds up to maximum of 15 students.
With this new workshop I put together quality of life and quality of information. I’ve always been obsessed with quality and now I think I have found a new formula with a high level of information for my students.

We will spend 5 days together. Days of hard work, exhausting. Very productive days where we will approach the points that I consider very important to the success of a wedding photographer:

– Marketing

– Sales

– Lighting

– Creativity and Composition

– Direction

– Photojournalism (story)

For every product I release, I first wonder: Vinícius, you would like to be a student of this workshop?

The basis of this new work is the union of a lot of theory and a lot of practice, so I can exemplify, live, to the students how my creative process works during a wedding and during the photo sessions. The basis of this workshop is to present to the wedding photographer, beginner or not, the tools that have enabled me to achieve success in this very competitive market. No canard, no magic tricks, but instead a lot of work, tips, techniques and shortcuts to success. In that I believe!

Whoever wants to be part of this select group download here the PDF with more information, make sure you have a spot for the first group.

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