When I surprise myself at the bottom of the mirror, it overtakes me. I can not believe I’m limited, that I am cut and defined. I feel scattered in the air, thinking inside the creatures, living in things beyond myself. When I surprise myself in the mirror it does not overtakes me because I find myself ugly or beautiful. It is just that I find myself of another quality. After not seeing myself for so long, I almost forget that I am human, I forget my past and I am with the same release of order and awareness of a thing barely alive. It also surprises me, the eyes open to the pale mirror, that there is so much more in me, beyond the known, so many always quiet things. ”
Clarice Lispector




“We can not know anything outside of ourselves that will overcome us (…) the universe is the mirror in which we can contemplate only what we learn to know of ourselves.” Ítalo Calvino

“Las personas con las que nos relacionamos son siempre un espejo reflejando nuestras propias creencias, y simultáneamente nosotros somos espejos reflejando las suyas.

Así, el relacionamiento es una de las más poderosas herramientas para el desarrollo – si miramos honestamente nuestros relacionamientos, lograremos ver mucho sobre cómo nosotros los creamos.”

Shakti Gawain

“The people with whom we interact are always a mirror reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting them.Thus, the relationship is one of the most powerful tools for development – if we look honestly at our relationships, we get to see much about how we create them. ” Shakti Gawain

“O espelho e os sonhos são coisas semelhantes, é como a imagem do homem diante de si próprio.” José Saramago

“Não podemos conhecer nada de exterior a nós próprios que nos supere (…) o universo é o espelho em que podemos contemplar apenas o que aprendemos a conhecer em nós.” Ítalo Calvino

We see everything in a mirror, darkly. Sometimes we can peer through the mirror and have a sight of how things are on the other side. If we could polish more that mirror, we would see many more things. But we would see ourselves no more. Josten Gaarder

“A arte é o espelho e a crónica da sua época”. William Shakespeare

“Quando EU me olho no espelho, só sei que não me vejo como os outros me vêem.”Andy Warhol

“O comportamento é um espelho em que cada um vê a sua própria imagem.” Johann Goethe

“The world is like a mirror that returns to each person the reflection of their own thoughts. The way you appproach life is what makes all the difference. ” Luís Fernando Veríssimo

“Art is the mirror and the chronicle of its time.” William Shakespeare

“When I look MYSELF in the mirror, I just know that I do not see how others see me.” Andy Warhol

“Behavior is a mirror in which each one sees their own image.” Johann von Goethe

“When you fall in love, you fall for a mirror of your most current needs.” Deepak Chopra

“Behavior is a mirror in which we all show what we are.” Alfred Montapert

Nós enxergamos tudo num espelho, obscuramente. Às vezes conseguimos espiar através do espelho e ter uma visão de como são as coisas do outro lado. Se conseguíssemos polir mais esse eespelho, veríamos muito mais coisas. Porém não enxergaríamos mais a nós mesmos.

Josten Gaarder

Photography is my mirror. I am that what you see. Or rather, I am so lately. As much as I look for references, study and improve my technique it is difficult to dissociate who I am from what and how I phoograph. Photographing is to me, to see myself. I confess that sometimes it hurts. Photographing is self knowledge. Today I can say I am hired to understand me and know me better. And I have followed dazzled this discovery that precedes my growth as a human being. To be a better photographer one must first be a better person.

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