The second part of my amazing journey in Chefchaouen, Morocco, was a photo shoot of almost a full day of the couple Sérgio (Spain) and Fernanda (Brazil). We started in a Ryad, a beautiful house which today functions as a hotel. One of the most fantastic houses I have ever seen. Its architecture impresses because of the asymmetry, the skylights and the blue, of course. The hotel is very nice and worth it for those who wish to visit Chefchauen. My friend, the photographer Susana Barbera, was the one who found it out unintentionally. For those interested, please click HERE.

After a nice lunch, Lamb Tajin, we went to city to ​​photograph them among the people and architecture site. Contrary to what happened the day before, the people’s behavior changed in relation to our group. Now we were looking good. Everyone found the bride’s and groom’s costumes somewhat different and funny, some children came up to the bride to touch the dress. The women said words of blessing and smiled all the time, some clapped, people were coming outside … we turned attraction of the city.
During that time I have photographed brides and groom on the streets and various locations, I had never gone through such strong and real experience like this. I had so many ideas from there. I hope to put some of them into practice as soon as possible.
Time to head back to Spain. Chefchaouen stays behind, but it leaves a mark in our hearts. A cultural orgasm, some good stories to tell and their various shades of blue stored in our retina. 

PS: In Chefchaouen there is almost no dogs, but many many cats.

Making do with cats!

PS: Em Chefchaouen praticamente não há cães mas muitos e muitos gatos.

Quem não tem cão fotografa gato!

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