Innovation is needed!

I need to talk a bit more about wedding video and photography.

In a previous post I mentioned some video work that has emerged in Brazil. The video goes through a phase very similar to that experienced in photography over the past 5 years in our country. Our wedding photography has gone significant steps but still crawls. Now I believe it is the video’s turn. The ground is still dry, but it is already fertilized and ready to receive promising seeds.

Change is inevitable and new players have settled in the market, simply because their eyes are open to a new dynamic force. Customers are upset with boring videos and others are ecstatic about the possibilities to work more dynamically, organically and exploring the emotion.

The truth is that in both markets (photo and video) I see the old professionals complaining that the new ones, who have not been working for so long, are taking their customers away. I acctually see it differently. Who is starting now, has fresh blood, no prejudice, bold ideas and willing to perform. At the same time, upgraded people who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. You can not stay still!

That is how the global market works. From night to day things change a lot. So every night I take a question to bed:

How can I do my job differently?

It is not always that I find answers. As much as I look, they often disguise themselves, even though they are present at different times in our day to day. The opportunities go around everyday, but go mostly hidden.

Under the guise of customer who complains, of a new competitor that is a possibility of being even better, of economic crisis which is an opportunity to be different, of change in the photo and video market that is a great chance to lead.

Being a leader is to work hard. Ask the North Americans, Mexicans and Australians, who in my opinion are the best in the market today. They do not follow, they tell the rules. Speaking of which, there are two types of professionals, those who make it happen and those who follow them.

Our Brazil is still a country of extras, full of photographers and videographers who follow. It is a long way to being leaders.

Until when? I do not know, hopefully not for long. I think in 10 years we have every possibility of moving from being followers to being followed. Especially if this equation below can be solved.


We are considered creative. The big advertising agencies love Brazilians. However these agencies belong to foreign groups, they are not ours. There is a huge gap between creating and innovating. To be innovative you need to create, but we also need …


To illustrate all this I end my participation here with a highly innovative video, big aces of the wedding market in the world, who have got together and made a script based on the true story of Indian brides and grooms, that runs in parallel with a fictional story. In my opinion, a fantastic job with very good taste and enviable photo. I still want to see a video as creative like this, runned and recorded 100% by us, Brazucas.

Shall 2012 be an INNOVATIVE year for us Brazilians.

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