In the eye of the storm

“If your photo is not good enough, you are not close enough! ”

Robert Capa

This has been one of my challenges in recent times. Coming increasingly closer to my subjects. To approach is not enough simply to overcome the physic barrier, first of all, you need to conquer, even tacitly, the confidence of those who you photograph. This is a key point in photographing people.

Vanessa’s and Bruno’s wedding was a perfect example of how it has been important to me to get involved with the ones I am photographing until the point of being confused with one of the guests. Only then it is possible to get very, very close. And that’s what happened!

My special thanks to the newlyweds, their families, and to friends, who allowed me to attend one of liveliest weddings of all time. I must admit I do not remember taking pictures of a group with so much energy.


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