Every devoted reader of my blog know about my passion with B&W (black and white) photography. For several times I have posted here more
colorful images then I would have liked, fighting against myself, afraid that the brides would not like my work in B&W.

Today is a important day to me here in the BLOG, for I decided to come out of the closet. That is right, I have a true passionn for the gray tonalities and from now on they will be way more present when I shoot, being weddings or my work in general. They have always been present.
My way of photographing will not change, because I have always thought and seen in  B&W. Now I will simply start to show in the blog more
what I have in mind. I come out of the closet with a lot of Black and White images. That’s right!

From now on I will be more loyal to my ideals and my way of seeing life. It is important to make it clear that I have not stopped to photograph in colors. Absolutely not, even because I photograph with the RAW format, which is colorful by nature.

I will post less colors, because I follow pursuing my photography, my pathway, monochromatic road plain with emotions, expressions, feelings
and poetry. My photography takes another polemic step. In reality allthis burning issue moves itself. Once kept inside the heart it now comes out of the closet.

I need to share my feeling now: total relief. I take a deep breathe, with a smile on my fade. I am very happy for being honest with myself.
Coming out of the closet…

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