A good news for photographers around the country!
I found an ALBUM BOOKBINDER company that exceeded some expectations, which to myself and my customers are fundamental.
1. Top quality. I can not conceive delivering to my clients products of poor quality.
2. Differentiated service. We all like to be well attended, don’t we? The basic need of human beings is to be heard.
3. Unique design and good taste. It is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, isn’t it?
4. Fair price. Albums of quality for less than half the cost of an equivalent in Brazil! It seems unbelievable, but is not.
5. Delivery time less than 15 calendar days. Hard to explain to a customer that the binder company asked for 45 working days. I know it is a reality in our country but I found a company that has delivered to me within 7 days. I was shocked! Now I’m getting used.
I present to you, my reader, Floricolor. A Portuguese company working for 33 years, one of the market leaders in Europe, which owns a beautiful and modern plant in the city of Porto. I went there and saw with my own eyes. I tested their services and products for 8 months. Gave them suggestions and convinced them to invest in our country. I refered some photographer who are friends who also approved and now I decided to spread the word here. News that could change the lives of many photographers.
I believe Floricolor and its international standards can not only change the lives but increase the profitability of thousands of photographers in Brazil. It can also raise the level of competitiveness of our national binderies. In the end, the whole country wins and I’m BRAZILIAN!
Who wants to see with their own eyes, get to know their beautiful products, be impressed with the speed of delivery and make a SÃO TOMÉ SHOWCASE (seeing is believing), go to their unique website, which was opened today for the Brazilian market.

That’s right. They had a website done only to attend the photographers of our country, one of the largest markets in the world. And if there remains any doubt, send email to [email protected]. He owns the company and is always open arms, together with his team, to embrace us, Brazilian photographers.
Hallelujah… Hallelujah… Hallelujah…

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