To me photographing has been like exercising my soul. I go into trance… This is the only way I found to get me to slow down and finally seek subtleties and details. It is my way of understanding poetry, a task that a few years ago seemed impossible to me.
In it I see my flaws in others, mirrors. What bothers me about them is what I try to hide from myself. Photographing is being more sensitive, it is discovering that I need to change… and every single day.
To create an image is a challenge as I try to fuse a sound of breathing, smells, textures, heart beats and a lot of movement.
My photography is digital print of my soul, restless, a whirlwind. I discover every day that it is means and not an end. It is a tool is not a final product. And follow certain that it changes as I change. Or is it the opposite?
(Thanks to the couple, Gabi and Daniel)

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