The other day, talking with a friend and colleague, Márcia Charnizon, I discovered I was not alone regarding some specific frustrations and joys inherent in our profession. Among several, we spoke of how good and inspiring it is photographing real weddings.

What is for me a real wedding?
A real wedding is one where the bride and groom feel butterflies in their stomach at various moments. Those in which the groom sends a message to bride before the ceremony, those really cliché ones. You know when the groom does not hold himself and cry when the bride enters? When she gets anxious, very anxious. At a real wedding they exchange glances of admiration throughout the ceremony and take deep breath several times. In this type of wedding, even when things go wrong, the couple does not really care, because the most important is what they feel for each other and the presence of the invited ones. In a real wedding the speech touches the photographers, even when it is brief. The eyes of the couple are actually brighter, leaving spark. It is easy to see when the wedding is real, just be aware.
Let them come more and more real weddings as Sabrina and Leandro’s. They inspired us so much! Thank you for choosing us to register, crop, edit and tell everyone that this day there was nothing of fake.

Ficha técnica: Assessoria: Boutique de 3 / Maquiagem: Hotel Hyatt / Músicos da cerimônia: Coral Allegro/ Música: Double You – Paulo Campos / Convites: Cards / Decoração: Renata Chap / Noiva: Emanuelle Junqueira / Tiara: Talento / Alianças: Vivara / Lembranças: Boutique de detalhes / Buffet: Arroz de Festa / Doces: Nininha Sigrist, Piece of Cake e Pati Piva / Bem casados: Ana Cristina / Bolo: Piece of Cake / Barman: Shakers / Filmagem: Edu Federice/ Local da cerimônia: Capela do Colegio Jesus Maria Jose / Celebrante: Padre Amaro / Local da recepção: CasaPetra

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